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Why Sustainability?

IKORO Burghausen on the way to become a responsible event

At our event, we enable students to meet and network with potential employers. In addition to the ecological components, we also pay particular attention to the social sustainability aspect.


Our long-term goal is to create an interface between local companies and highly qualified employees so that the region and the people in and around Burghausen can benefit from our event in the long term.


Our Contribution to Sustainability


  • PROMOTION of a face-to-face network between regional companies and students

  • INCREASING the visibility and presence of local companies enables target group-oriented, regional employer branding

  • OFFERING young, highly qualified specialists local and international opportunities



Advertising media and print

  • ONLINE MARKETING: predominantly digital advertising media such as our event catalogue

  • SUSTAINABLE and FAIR production of our flyers

Communication & Documentation


  • ...correspondence with exhibiting companies and sponsors: purely online-based invitation and registration process as well as paperless invoicing
  • ...inviting visitors online and onsite
  • ...organization of IKORO 2024 via digital and cloud-based solutions
  • ...handover of event documentation to the future IKORO Teams

INTEGRATION of feedback and optimization questions to continuously improve the experience of visitors and exhibitors

Be sustainable!

For a more sustainable event
we recommend the following links:


Federation of Organic Food Producers  

Q&As on the organic food industry and the joint project with Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.


A broad and neutral overview of organic suppliers and trends in areas such as fashion, nutrition and leisure can be found on following pages:

You don't have to be a gardener to plant trees. Simply submit your search request via ecosia and plant trees. Further information:

Have you always wanted to know your CO2 footprint? Then let NABU calculate it for you free of charge:


Documentary on the state of climate change and the development of our planet by UN Climate Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio together with National Geographic "Before the Flood" (2016).

A documentary by Davis Guggenheim with Al Gore about global warming, which also inspired DiCaprio.

A documentation for the preservation and reconstruction of fertile soils and the prevention of hunger.

This documentary deals with the ecological impact of global fishing.


There is enough. For everyone.

Small fee - big effect: climate change

Delivery service Rosenheim: climate-neutral by bike

Your own ideas are very welcome! Simply send an e-mail to our lecturer: Silvia.Seibold@th-rosenheim.de

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